::Mommy+Abah=ADAM::our journey begins

By: hadi eja

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Friday, 18-Jul-2008 16:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Adam is counting the days to turns TWO

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We're counting the days , ADAM will turns TWO upcoming AUGUST...He is very excited now to sing a bday song, keep asking me when diday..(means bday) .. i smile to ADAM...soon syg..
ok ... he went to ABAH and said cooon laa abah.....
I did ask my hubby should we plan a birthday party for ADAM, Mr Hubby said...we see first yee mummy..

At first, i did not want to do a bday party for ADAM,as i promised to my hubby a year ago..we did do the bash for ADAM..but he so small to know the mean aight..but My hubby refused to do a 2nd bday party for ADAM,he said ..ADAM so young to know the meaning of bday.BUT .for me ...when the kids around..blow the candles.. sing a bday song i am very happy..So i've decided to wait until early august too see the budgeting.. even not from Mr Hubby , hehehhe, if he wants to draw a budget ..im happy...Hopefully i can make a very small party for ADAM..as long he is happy,and im very satisfied....
So ADAM's Frens just wait ok..if there isnt any invites send out until mid august meaning the bday party is cancel...but i do hope very small one also can.. hehhehehe

Okay for those who really miss ADAM..some of them did request from me.. i put all the photos of ADAM which termampu OK..Lets the photos talk...

--> Photo baru adam which kite cilok from yanti kkee...

LO ni IBU adam wat aka Maklong (ctazlina.fotopages.com) mummy dpt ptg tadik..mekacih yerr.. anti kite mkn2 sesama ek

Friday, 11-Jul-2008 01:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Andai Kutahu

Even this song dah quite sometime..tp kite nk shares kat u all sume...
make me really insaf,...meremang bulu roma mendengar....

Andai Ku Tahu

Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba ajalku
Ku akan memohon
Tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku

Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba masaku
Ku akan memohon
Tuhan jangan Kau ambil nyawaku

Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku


Andai kutahu
MalaikatMu kan menjemputku
Izinkan aku
Mengucap kata tobat padaMu

Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku

Ampuni aku
Dari segala dosa dosaku
Ampuni aku
Menangisku bertobat padaMu

Aku manusia
Yang takut neraka
Namun aku juga
Tak pantas di surga

Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba ajalku
Izinkan aku
Mengucap kata tobat padaMu

Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku

Ampuni aku
Dari segala dosa dosaku
Ampuni aku
Menangisku bertobat padaMu

Haaa... Haaaa... Haaa... Haaaa... [2x]

u ols can search kat youtube...

Thursday, 3-Jul-2008 08:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Its very sad .. we're leaving SHELL IT and EDS already took over officially on 1st JULY 2008.Some of my friends are joining T-System macam kak julie..even sebumbung tapi management dh lain.
At 1st mummy tk nk pegi..di ajak oleh kak julie and my frens mummy g gak..sbb abah pun dh sihat sket kan.. so mummy g laa the last annual; dinner ni..pas ni dh tkde dh sume ni kekek..
the dinner was great ..food pun better then last year nye kekeke..
performance mmg great..sume laa mummy suke kekee..

the theme kali ini INFLUENCE OF WHITE...mummy tk beli baju tis time recyle balik mana yg ade ekekke
so guys byk gamba mummy cilok keke..sbb eden tkde cammy k..

more too upload

Thursday, 26-Jun-2008 18:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My ADAM is going to TWO soon ..

Lagi 1month ++ ADAM is going to TWO ...sekejap ajakan masa..tup ..tap.. dh besar dah baby mummy...ckp pun dh mcm mak nenek.. kekkee..
since lama dah mummy tk bercerita ttg my lil Boy ADAM.. entry ini khas utk ADAM...


1. Talkative...vocab pun semakin jelas even ade pelatnye kekek...cth mcm mummy , abah ,(all body parts adam suke sebut...sebut NO (sambil goyangkan tangan..
2.Obsessed ngan POCOYO n MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE...PINGU and ULTRAMAN TIGA .. mmg suke sgt laa..if mummy tercakap nama TIGA..die leh ckp bukak laaa...mana nk cari tiga.. keke...
3.ADAM kalo baca book.. contohnye buku ttg haiwan..die akan bunyikan mcm mana haiwan tu bbunyi..mcm ayam..kukooooo....mcm kucing ngiau..mcm bird..chip...mcm goat...bek..bek..
4.sgt tekun kalo buat keje..mcm mewarna..even lantai pun kaler gak..kekeke wan ngan nenek nye rumah laa sll kena..kekek
5.Kalo nk tido mmg kena laaa gosok bdn die..katanye gatal.. tkleh benti..dh tido die mummy benti..kdg2 mummy pass kat abah..tau plak abah nye tgn tknk..
6.Bestfren plg dekat ngan mummy is ADAM..kemana mummy g .. bwk g tesco or OneUTAMA..mesti bwk die..kdg2 dgr kata laa jugak..if ckp kat die..no toys k.. k die jwb ekeke..
7.Kalo nk pki pampers mmg dr dulu smpi skang ssh.. berlari laa die satu umah..kdg2 selamat die kencing kan lantai.. if babab die ckp noty..die jwb mummy laa noty...adam good
8.suke sgt ckp APE TUHHH.. kena laa jwb each time die tanya..smpi abah n mummy senyap..adam jwb sendiri ape die tanya..kdg2 pelik gak mummy mana die dpt king kong kekeke
9.ELEPHANT adam pggl ELLY (pocoyonye style)
10.suke sgt nyanyi lagu lela..lela..lela..ooo lela..aspalela..kekek dlm kte asik dgr die ulang suara aja..pastuh ckp best tak...adekah?? kekek

Tuesday, 20-May-2008 12:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 3rd Anniversary to us...

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Alhamdulilah today genap 3 yrs our marriage, dgn adenya ADAM makin kuat our bond.Even di uji oleh ALLAH SWT namun cinta and kasih sayang kite makin kuat...Whatever things had happened .. i do accept this as HIKMAH from ALLAH.

Honey, i know i'm not a good wife or not even as a good mummy to ADAM.. i'll always told i'll try my best as i could.U've been trying so hard to fulfill what ever i want , what ever ADAM needs you...with your condition now ..u always blame yourself couldnt help me much.. Honey... i believe 1 day u will get well as soon as possible..with the right sign..now u can walk without cluthes.. i'll always pray for ur health,safety,and hope our marriage will be last forever..

For the cozy mornings
For the warm winter

For understanding silences
For silly pampering

For the surpsrise hugs
For the stolen kisses
For being an angel
For being what you are
All i can say is i deeply, deeply love you

and its a blessing to have u in mylife
you are the one and only for me !

happy 3rd anniversary love !!...

masa honeymoon zaman dolu2

sama gak kekeke

Our Love

A happy Family

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